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  • Arc Gallery Piece -- Photo & Poetry Collaboration with Michelle Bravo

    Arc Gallery Piece -- Photo & Poetry Collaboration with Michelle Bravo

    Poet Michelle Bravo and I combined two of our favorite mediums, her poetry and my photography to create two pieces for Arc Gallery's show. (see info below) The photo above is combine with Michelle's poem listed below. This art is professionally framed to include the photo with the poem and is currently for sale for $300. Contact me via this website to purchase. Update January 2012, this piece is sold.

    Catch & Release
    by Michell Bravo

    Diving and swooning
    swirling and hurling
    tempting, delectable

    The smallest of samplings
    Just barely a nudge
    and I’m hooked
    As You patiently

    A stinging, sharp bite
    A swish and a flash
    And suddenly, gasping for

    Put me back! Put me back!
    Back where?
    Back down there!
    Back deep in the
    warmth of my

    The smell of You
    sticks to my sides
    Your fingerprint
    marked my left eye

    And next time I’ll err
    on caution’s side of the port
    For there’s nothing worse
    to be lured
    from the depths
    to the surface
    Caught only for sport


    "THE GUERRILLA SHOW 2: Join the Revolution"
    Overturn the establishment, strike a blow against mediocrity, and shatter the status quo!


    "THE GUERRILLA SHOW 2: Join the Revolution"
    Bay Area Juried Exhibition & Off-The-Wall Sale 
    curated by Arc partners
    Thursday, Dec. 8th 6-9M - OPENING RECEPTION (Arc artist studios open to public)
    Friday, Dec. 9th 6-9PM - SECOND CHANCE SALE
    Saturday, Dec. 10th 12-5PM - HOLIDAY SHOPPING DAY

    Saturday, Dec. 17th 12-5PM - EGGNOG & COOKIES
    Friday, Jan. 6th 6-9PM - LAST CHANCE SALE
    December 8th - January 15th

    The term, Guerrilla, has come to refer to unconventional and unexpected techniques that small groups employ to shake things up, force you to take a second look, and change your preconceptions about the everyday world, often in a mobile and temporary manner. “The Guerrilla Show 2” is a short turn-around exhibition of affordable artwork by Bay Area and Northern California artists. Artwork will be sold off the wall, facilitating purchases of work by patrons. ALL ARTWORK $300 OR LESS

    Featured Artists: Diane Abt, Jack Androvich, David Avery, Francis Baker, Steve Baker, Jonathan Barcam, Daniel Barron, Lillie Barrows, Todd Berman, Venus Bird, Laura Blacona, Richard Bolingbroke, Bernard Bolter, Marie Bourget, Nicole Spear & Michelle Bravo, Jan Brugger, Ben Cady, Victor Castillo, Nicole Catalfamo, Trudi Charnoff-Hauptman, Pui-Quan Cheng, Cory Clinton, Bobby Coleman, Vera Costa, Maeve Croghan, Flora Davis, Elizabeth Dekker, Winston J. Dong Jr., Bridget Dubriwny, Jeremy Scott Eaton, Brandy Eiger, Ann T. Elliott, Su Evers, Tracy Fetter, John Fitzsimmons, Kat Flyn, Neil Freese, Christopher J. Fuzi, Annie Galvin, Mauricia Gandara, James Gleeson, Lisa Glicksman, Eileen P. Goldenberg, Diane Goldstein, Kevin Grady, Patrick Glynn Griffin, Karen Gutfreund, Marc Ellen Hamel, Alexandra Hammond, Jennifer Maria Harris, Jeanne Hauser, Dianne Hoffman, Hilla Hueber, Valerie Jacobs, Laura Jacobson, Martine Jardel, Carol Jessen, Philippe Jestin, Wayne Jiang, Judy Johnson Williams, James Julian, Soad Kader, Andrzej Michael Karwacki, Howie Katz, Kerry Kelly, Robert Keshishian, Mike Kimball, Myles Kleinfeld, Barbara Kleinhans, Lisa Knoop, Irena Kononova, Leslie Lambert, Eric Larson, Denise Laws, Eun Hee Lee, Basic Lee, James V. Lee, Sarah F. Lopez, Leslie Lowinger, Erin Malone, Liz Mamorsky, Michael Mason, Linda Masotti, Kristine Mays, Alan Mazzetti, Melinda Mazzetti, Colleen McCrystle, Rosarie McHugh, Hollie McLaughlin, Gertie Mellon, Jahan Michelle, John Mickelson, Margaretha Miglo, Sakie Miura, Pamela Mooney, Leslie Morgan, Gail Morrison, Brandon Munley, Ben Needham, Christopher Nelson, Greg Nelson, Dan Newman, Sarah Newton, John Nieto, Hadley Northrop, Willow Older, Danielle O'Malley, Oneor, Nite Owl, Charley Paff, Pernilla Persson, Jane Peterman, Xavier Phelp, Shilo Ratner, Eric Rewitzer, Fernando Reyes, Katie Richardson, Carol Rienecker, Jason Rivera, Karl Roeseler, Robin R. Rome, Ronn Rosen, Ellen Rosenthal, Lionel Rouge, Rubyspam, Rachel Sager, William Salit, Danielle Satinover, Perry E. Schanley, Valerie Scott, Heike Seefeldt, Janet Seifert, Niki Shelley, Mary K. Shisler, Watchara Sirisevaku, Sharon Sittloh, Solis, Philipp Striebe, Marcia Stuermer, Paulo Sultanum, Paul Taylor, Gina Telcocci, Deborah Mills Thackrey, Alberto Toscano, Alison Trujillo, Trish Tunney, Gregory Vernitsky, Jonathan Villar, Sharon J. Weeden, Linda Yao, In Young Yeo, Mitsu Yoshikawa, Alex Zenger

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